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Gospel Matt is Going to be a ‘Mister’

August 26, 2005

In 93 days, Gospel Matt will stand before God and these witnesses (that’s me on the right…) and leave the single life behind forever. Pretty exciting.

I’ve known Matt for about six years, and have always been hoping and praying for him to find a wife. And let me tell you: he worked at it very hard for a very long time, putting his considerable connections and intelligence to the task of finding a suitable mate. Until one day when he was walking up the steps to his front door and this woman was standing there. He invited her in, exploited her expertise with some of his remodelling projects, and fell into like. Once he extricated himself from the small web of relationships which he had been tending, he put his full energies toward this special one, The Architect. In time, like became love, and love lead to betrothal, and betrothal will lead to marriage and all of its attendant glories in just over three months.

I guess sometimes, no matter how hard you try, happiness kind of sneaks up on you.

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One Response to “Gospel Matt is Going to be a ‘Mister’”

  1. kate says:

    Upon further reflection… Was he not already a Mister?
    It’s that whole sexist label thing again, biting us in the butt.

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