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The Monkey on My Back

August 31, 2005

This morning’s run was an 8K workout, intended to build speed and endurance. I did the same workout two weeks […] [continue…]

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“I” dolatry

August 30, 2005

I’m afraid we crossed the event horizon today when we stepped over the threshold of the Apple store. A pair […] [continue…]

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Waking up to Hospitality

August 29, 2005

Here’s what happened yesterday. I was sitting in the living room, surfing on this very computer, when I heard the […] [continue…]

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The Shire

August 28, 2005

It’s where I live, for thirty more days.Photos by P3T3RK3Y5

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Rainy Run

I absolutely love running in the rain, but what to wear? My carefully considered dress code dictates that seventy and […] [continue…]

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Beautiful Day

I know, I know, it’s not mine to tell, but I’ve been waiting patiently for a post on his blog, […] [continue…]

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Pneuma II

Last time I was hereI sat inside Watching wind and waterStorm the streetsAnd chase the people. With detachment,I considered the […] [continue…]

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Double Portion

Two minutes to ten last call at Chipotlemeans I getthe final burrito I say ‘carnitas’but she’s tired tooso piles up […] [continue…]

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Worth a Thousand Words

August 23, 2005

…from The Sniper, who is in Maine, working on his tenth gigabyte of photos. If he doesn’t come back soon, […] [continue…]

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Preaching Again

In his new book, Doug Pagitt is suggesting a kind of interaction with the Bible that is very engaging. He […] [continue…]

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Death By Pizza

August 20, 2005

Sometimes, I could swear that the woman I wake up with has it in for me. Today, my assignment was […] [continue…]

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Heard on the Run

Super Steve and I got an early start this morning, sneaking in a hour of stealth run before joining the […] [continue…]

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