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Transitions, further

July 20, 2005

Did you ever feel so itchy that you wanted to climb into a rock tumbler? I’ve got so many allergic reactions, and scaly spots, and tiny blisters that I feel like going on an itch-orgy and never stopping.

(oop, just started and finished a mini-session, and I’m back)

The Week of Change continues:

My friend and his girlfriend have returned from his many travels with all green lights for an upcoming engagement. Very, very cool.

The Professor buried his mother next to his father today. Very, very sad, and lonely.

Our friends return from LA tonight. Her mom is doing somewhat better, and so they are coming back for a few days before going to care for the mom again.

Another friend made quick work of childbirth today. I saw her just before lunch, and she was chill. By suppertime, she had pushed out a seven pound boy (bet she didn’t even break a sweat!)

I teach again tomorrow, and the plan is to lead a discussion on moral disagreements related to race. I hope I don’t get lynched.

…the cyclonic action around my normally boring life continues…

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