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July 16, 2005

What a weird weekend. My running buddy Steve is a brand-new father. After years of work and many dollars of […] [continue…]

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Guilty, Guilty

Sometimes we read things and realize that we’re not alone. My friend is doing an amazing job raising a really […] [continue…]

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Eucharist in the Real World

July 14, 2005

The celebration of The Lord’s Supper has, historically, been the subject of much discussion and debate. Many trees, and much […] [continue…]

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Big Blue

July 13, 2005

Gospel Matt gifted me with a new member of the tool family. This sweet saber saw is the gold standard, […] [continue…]

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It Happened Again

I know I’ve written about this before, but… I just can’t say enough about the practice of preparing and eating […] [continue…]

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Fast Company

July 9, 2005

They say you should run with people who are faster than yourself. Which never made sense to me, for it […] [continue…]

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On The Run

Heard at mile 2, from the back of our small pack of runners: “Hey, don’t drop too far off the […] [continue…]

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On Being Saved

  Friday morning’s hard rain gave way to an evening of cool sunshine. Perfect for a burrito and a visit […] [continue…]

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Grief, Observed

July 5, 2005

Today our church mustered its forces to help out one of our members. His extended family lost a young man […] [continue…]

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Late last night, my super-savvy and wonder-working wife cracked the code. She actually got into my hotmail account. Amazing. I […] [continue…]

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