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On Missing the Point

July 24, 2005

This is why my brother’s family doesn’t attend their church’s mid-week service:

Because one of my nephews is more naturally gifted at memorizing Bible verses, and his brother gets really frustrated about this. Since this is apparently the main/only focus of their children’s program, my brother has decided that it’s best for the family if they stay home.


Who do I speak to about this? What does memorizing verses have to do with living in the way of Jesus? Or does anyone else care about this?

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3 Responses to “On Missing the Point”

  1. Ross says:

    Why go to midweek services if that’s all they do? I don’t agree with the reason they don’t want to attend, but I’m not sure that I would want to either.

    I have always viewed scripture memorization as magic (“if I chant this at the right time, I’ll get what I want”) so I’m probably too scarred to be going down this road in public, but why memorize? Why not drink in the stories and fall in love with the life, ministry and Lordship of Jesus and go about walking in those footsteps?

  2. P3T3RK3Y5 says:

    … my brother decided it probably didn’t make much sense to continue attending his local mega church, when he found himself getting pissed off during the service and cursing as he was leaving the service with his family.

    at some point i think it makes sense to say, “if i stay home with my family, or take a walk with them in nature, I can probably experience more the Kingdom, than having the otherwise negative experience ‘in God’s house””.

    i applaud your brother’s awareness of the dynamic, and willingness to actively and purposely step away from whats not good.

    God can still be found outside of the church.

  3. sonja says:

    I’ve been ruminating on this for 24 hours now. It’s been bothering me. Here are my thoughts … first, what do mid-week services have to do with walking in the way of Jesus? And more shockingly, what does church even have to do with it (necessarily)? The two don’t necessarily have anything to do with one another. I mean we hope they do … but too often they don’t. That is a sad fact of life these days.

    Second, is this, it may be that your brother has discovered that his boys are learning something about walking in the way of Jesus by staying home during the mid-week services. Or maybe your brother is just being stubborn, but his boys are learning something anyway. Or maybe they aren’t. But in any case, I really think, given your description of that church, those boys, and those mid-week services … it’s really best for everyone that they stay home. Because dey ain’t nuttin’ of Jesus happen’n dere.

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