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On Being Saved

July 9, 2005

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Friday morning’s hard rain gave way to an evening of cool sunshine. Perfect for a burrito and a visit to a park, where I did some work and some reading while I waited for my wife to finish her workday.

My arms were getting tired from holding up a 500 page tome when I was approached by three women from Indiana. They were interested in the book, and why I was reading it. They were much less interested in my interest in them and their trip to DC. After a few minutes, I realized that they were evangelizing me, which is always really cool. It has been a long time since someone has given me the once-over, so I was pleased to be along for the ride.

They made sure I was ‘saved’ and ‘actively involved in a local church’. They did their best to move me along toward their particular brand of Christianity, and prayed for me. It was very nice.

In the end, I sensed a subtle message: they knew more than I did. More of God, more of the Bible, more of the world, and ethics, and life. Which probably only bugged me because I was pretty sure that I knew more than them. But it was interesting nonetheless.

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