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Border Jumpers Unveiled

July 27, 2005

Last night was the debut of the PBS special, and the house which I have been doing so much work on.

The review of the film: “Amazing” (with standing ovation).

The review of the wonderful house: “Hot”. And not Nikki Hilton ‘that’s hot’, but this-residential-AC-system-can’t-keep-up-with-sixty-people-on-a-ninety-degree-night hot. Oh well.

But the film was incredible, and a wonderful testament to the power of images and people to communicate stories. And of the initiative of two young filmmakers. And of the dedication of their veteran production staff.

Now, they are everywhere. PBS, The Post, NPR, etc. etc.. Their publicity people have been working overtime, and they are probably already too cool to talk to me. But I’m still thinking of going to the screening at the Avalon on Thursday night. At least their A/C will work.

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