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Three Taboos

June 29, 2005

Money, sex, and death. We are obsessed with these things, but we almost never talk about them. Well, we talk about them, but very rarely about ourselves. We want to know all about our favorite celebrities vis-a-vis the Big Three, but we’re not nearly so willing to open up about our own checkbooks, longings, and funerals.

We might enjoy throwing some cash around, and posturing for friends locker-room style, and cracking jokes about our death. But a person opening up about their salary/debt/spending will be viewed with consternation. A serious conversation about our sexual desires and their expression is mostly unheard of. And most of us only consider our death at the very end of our lives, when we find the balance tipping from hope to regret.

Three things that we care about deeply, and want to share desperately. But the longer we avoid it, the greater the anxiety becomes.

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