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June 14, 2005

  Joined some old friends today at the Spy Museum. Upon entry, they told us that we were not allowed […] [continue…]

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June 13, 2005

It isdifficulttodo nothing.

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Worship for Justice

June 12, 2005

 photo by P3T3R3K3Y5 Well, I took of my cynical DC resident hat today, and threw in with the Worship for […] [continue…]

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Award Winner

June 11, 2005

  Ok, so it’s a lousy photo. At least it illustrates just how freaking crooked this silly thing was: I […] [continue…]

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Had a really nice time tonight with a few friends at the house. We kicked off the muggy summer by […] [continue…]

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Roadside Waste

Running through the neighborhood this morning, I saw at least six minivans and SUV’s sitting by the side of the […] [continue…]

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I was talking on Sunday about the importance of story. That the whole Bible is, in fact, a story. About […] [continue…]

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Roadside Welcome

June 7, 2005

Today’s run was on a one-lane blacktop, past a verdant field. The first sign was hand-painted, and said, Friends’ Meadow. […] [continue…]

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Love Abides

I’ve been reflecting a bit on my weekend reunion with old friends. We all went to church together, before our […] [continue…]

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Roadside Wisdom

June 6, 2005

Found a cool, shady two-lane rural road for my run today. Picturesque, if a little hilly. It even had a […] [continue…]

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Thrown Under the Bus

June 4, 2005

Today I was very honored to officiate a ceremony for a couple of friends. They got married three weeks ago […] [continue…]

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A Well-Lit Shop

June 3, 2005

  How’s this for a nice set-up? Why isn’t every workshop this posh? Surrounded by windows, I set up my […] [continue…]

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Running in the Rain

There is just a light rain falling on a sixty-degree day today. Perfect for a solitary run. A little chilly […] [continue…]

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