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On The Road, Again

June 29, 2005

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It seems like driving home always takes longer than driving away. But I had the help of my co-pilot (who took on Pennsylvania) and the Comfort Inn (who gave me a clean place to rest my weary head in Ohio).


Inspirational: In one of those random intersections of culture, Def Poetry Jam was on TV when we landed in Ohio. Really cool stuff. I may even try to throw some verse on here occasionally. Mos def.

Editorial/Obsessive: In airbrushed two-foot letters on the back of a semi truck: “Admit it, your jealous“. Note to sign painter: remember to turn on you’re spell-checker.

Performance: Me and the co-pilot roll in a sweet ride with no radio. So we passed an hour with headphones on, singing along to Achtung Baby. Sounded pretty good.

Entemological: Lightning bugs continue to glow for about a minute after they hit the car windshield at 71mph.

Confessional: I’m just going to say it– Hot for Teacher is a good song. Sure, the lyrics are juvenile and offensive, and the image of Diamond Dave in spandex is more than a little unsettling, but that percussive intro (is it engine exhaust, or drums, or both?), plus the guitar, plus the hooks, plus the harmonies, make for a cool tune, man. “I’ve got it bad, got it bad, got it bad…”.

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