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hurry up and wait

June 16, 2005

Aggravating day. Lots that I wanted to do, but most of it seemed to stay just out of my reach. So many obstacles. My coffee took longer than usual to wake me up. Traffic to a meeting, and traffic back. Waited for my wife to get off of the computer. A simple email which came out really slowly. Then edits. Then posting it to the listserv server, and waiting for it to come back. Then realizing that it needed more edits. So I waited for it to come back from the listserv again. Off to the grocery store, and all of that choosing and waiting. Then through traffic coming back to the house. Borrowed a truck to take the trash and recycling out (two different destinations, naturally). Gas station. Then traffic back to home.

And through all of it, I steamed. Increasingly frustrated and angry as the day dragged on, I just pushed and plowed through all of it. Blind and deaf to the world around me, and a medium-to-large-sized jerk to my wife (though she might offer me a free upgrade).

And what did that help? I didn’t get any more done, and I soured whatever goodness I might have wrought today. From whence this compulsion, this rush, this angst?

Why are we in such a hurry? What are we rushing towards? What are we running from?

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