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Border Jumpers

June 2, 2005

My man Ryan just sold his big project to PBS’s “Frontline”. ( He is so stoked, and it is really fun to see. It’s called Border Jumpers, and it’s about immigration between Zimbabwe and Botswana. I’ve seen some early previews, and some of the raw footage. It looks like it’s really gonna be great.

I’ve been amazed at the power of video to tell a story and influence opinion. The way pieces are used, and presented. The footage that gets used, and the parts which get aside. The way characters are presented and revealed. And the way in which people reveal themselves with their own words, and without narration or provocation.

I’m really excited to see it come together, and to see it on the air. And someday, I’ll be able to say that this important film was edited in a room which I drywalled and painted. Yipee for me!

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