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June 8, 2005

I was talking on Sunday about the importance of story. That the whole Bible is, in fact, a story. About how God has always chosen stories to communicate, rather than abstract or propositional truth. That if God wanted to use bullet-points, he could have saved himself a lot of paper.

After a couple of days of noodling, here is my super-condensed, business-card-sized list of God-facts:

> God made everything, including you
> God loves you
> God likes you
> God wants to make you like him, if you want to be
> Jesus is the embodiment of all of the above

It’s true, but a little dry and uninspiring.

On the other hand, if God’s intent was to give us a moral code, then it would be an infinitely large book which he would produce. In fact, he couldn’t address every moral dilemma or choice, every intricacy of person or place or culture. He would need to dictate a kind of running commentary on every new situation which might come up, and to keep the updates coming more or less constantly.

It’s clear, but a little heavy, and unwieldy.

On the other hand…

Before the service started, my friend Recycle Bob (who is 8) sat down with me and made an announcement. Sometimes, when he is scared at night, RB will read his Bible. Mostly, two stories. One is the one about the kid who hears a voice at night, and has that old man show him that it is really the voice of God. The other story is about the lady who didn’t have any food. But that old prophet-guy made sure that she and her son had enough food to eat. Two stories about God’s provision for scared boys for a boy who’s scared.

So what do we want late at night? Theology? Instructions? Advice? Law codes? I think we want stories. And that is what we’ve got.

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