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Adam and Eve

June 15, 2005

We tried to retell this wonderful story from the Hebrew Scriptures on Sunday, and had a great discussion about it afterward. People seemed to focus in on the issue of contentment. About our tendency to want more, and to keep searching for new knowledge and experience.

I hadn’t thought too much about these tendencies until Sunday, but it has definitely been rattling around in my head since then. It does seem to me that our yearnings for more are part of our God-given nature. After all, Adam is almost immediately wanting for companionship, even though he has all of the animals– and even God himself! And God not only endorses his search, but He instigates it, and fulfills Adam’s longing with the lovely Eve. So this longing for more is a very good thing. On the other hand, the wanting/searching wreaks havoc at the Tree. The power of choice is demonstrated as Adam and Eve bite the apple and all of creation is eternally affected.

I guess my question is, if God has given us this searching tendency, is it worth it? Do the choices which we make for good justify the choices which we make for bad?

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3 Responses to “Adam and Eve”

  1. Gary says:

    I don’t think “Is it worth it?” is the right question. I don’t know what the right question is, but I think our tendency to search for more reflects God’s character. I mean, did he really need the headache of earth, Adam, Eve, sin, and the whole mess to follow? Yet he chose to create it and us. He wasn’t happy just being God floating in the ether, hanging in heaven, overseeing some foreign planet, or whatever else he was up to. He wanted more, so he created earth, and us in his image. Was it worth it? I think so. It was worth enough to preserve after we screwed it up and he flooded us out. It was worth enough to redeem with the life of his son when we still couldn’t get his rules right. It makes little sense to me. We continue to use our free will for Oreos and bombs and illicit sex and reality television rather than seeking after him – but he allows it, and I think he thinks its worth it. Why?

  2. Great thoughts, Gary. I’ve been wrestling with them for a week now, and I’m afraid I keep getting pinned.
    I guess I was trying to do a kind of balance sheet– our choices for good vs. our choices for evil. Which strikes me as wrongheaded, now that you mention it. Because we’ll always tip things pretty heavily to the ‘loss’ side.
    But choice is choice. If we’re going to have it, we’re going to have to take the loss. Because it is necessary if we are to reflect God’s ‘searching tendency’.

  3. Kate says:

    I’m just feeling content for the moment that you guys, and your wives, and people like you, are my friends, even if I never seem to get to see you any more. (insert both smiley and sad faces here)
    Love you!

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