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The Shire

May 2, 2005

A couple of month ago we moved to an historic pre-revolutionary war house in Vienna, VA. We share the house with a friend from church, and we’re caretakers of sorts for the county park service. It’s a cool place on 22 acres of woods, and we’re digging it. Even better, our friends love coming by and hanging out. Kind of a retreat for us and others.

It’s a chance to save a bit on rent, but more importantly, it’s a chance to live in more intentional community. Which is a challenge for an introvert like me, and has shown me more than a few of my rough edges. I’m enjoying the adventure, and the space to read and think.

We miss the city a good bit, though. In Rosslyn, we could walk to get fish tacos, or sushi, or a loaf of bread. Tacos de la lengua and crispy, doughy naan were right around their respective corners. I could run anywhere I wanted in DC, and our commuting was almost nil. And we had more chances to talk with our many and varied neighbors. But the change is good.

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