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Another Tribe

May 28, 2005

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After six weeks of what might be considered marathon recovery (but which might have actually been laziness), I returned to my tribe at the Saturday Long Run. It was a very fun homecoming on a perfect shorts-and-t-shirt morning. Got to greet many old friends with hello’s, and handshakes, and the runner’s patented and deeply respectful up-nod. And smiles all around.

And then the fun began. We did a loop through NW DC, through the zoo, and back along Rock Creek and the Potomac. I had enough good sense to let my usual running partners go ahead on the early steep trail sections. And I had enough moxie to keep them in sight through the zoo. But that’s when the going got tough. I fell off a bit, but heard footsteps close behind me. I tried several times to let my new friend go past me and leave me to fall apart in shame, but she said she didn’t know her way back. So we both soldiered on through the last 6 miles.

She finally did pass me at the end, but I’m glad she was there to keep me from walking. And I can’t wait to go back next Saturday. To pull and push, and make it back to the beginning.

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