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April 10, 2014

I am the haiku

a NaPoWriMo refuge

once a noble art

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April 10, 2014

I am the haiku a NaPoWriMo refuge once a noble art


April 9, 2014

I am the mom who wheels her son in his custom chair up the hill to the playground   I […] [continue…]


April 8, 2014

for years, I have looked up to wonder how high that mighty oak stretched daydreamed about climbing to its top […] [continue…]


April 6, 2014

One of my habits at church is to write flash-poetry for the closing benediction, attempting to incorporate the ideas expressed […] [continue…]

Midrash on Lazarus

April 6, 2014

This morning’s worship gathering centered on the Lectionary readings for today, and included a time for folks to write midrash […] [continue…]


April 5, 2014

it’s the same air same field same coach same kid but something is different sitting out the second quarter, she […] [continue…]


April 5, 2014

standing here, and now overlooking a playground filled with our seven children (one on ahead, one on the way) pulled […] [continue…]


April 4, 2014

the kind manager at the auto shop did me a solid tossed me the keys to the shop shuttle so […] [continue…]


April 3, 2014

the loud lady leaves the restaurant far too soon missing the quiet that fills her wake people speaking with restraint […] [continue…]

On Writing

April 1, 2014

…as I take the plunge of another NaPoWriMo challenge of writing a poem every day for the next month. 1. […] [continue…]

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